PB8.5KY Push Blower
Fradan PB13HD Push Blower
Fradan PB13HD Push Blower
The Fradan Blower is a user friendly machine. No other blower offers comparable quality, mechanical integrity, superior power, servicing ease, as well as low noise and low vibration. It blows away leaves and any debris in its path at a super speed and it does it quietly.
These machines :
- Are commercial units that can be used during spring and fall
- Offers a 8.5hp Kohler Engine
- Are lightweight and very powerful
- Are just the right size
Oil Guard
Engine Hp
Engine Type
Engine Displacement
Fuel Capacity
120 lbs. – 54.43kg
8.5 Hp
15.3 cu.in. – 251cc
6.38 qts. – 6.0L
Flywheel Magneto(Electric Ignition System)
Rope Start
Please note: all specifications are subject to change without notice
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