Municipalities’ first choice is the heavy duty TLV-35D. This serious product is equipped with a 35HP Diahatsu engine. It’s two cylinder Vanguard/ Diahatsu engine built to last, this product offers heavy duty framework coupled with a replaceable blower housing liner, which protects the blower housing from being damaged and makes maintenance upkeep very easy.



Professional’s first choice is this industrial grade TLV-31D featuring a
31hp Vanguard Daihatsu twin cylinder big block engine. Built to last, this product offers a heavy duty framework coupled with a replaceable blower housing liner. The unit is also accompanied with a impeller that has its blade made out of AR-400 steel which wears less than standard steel, and has an easy removable Fradan taper locking hub.



The LV-18EVG that you have all come to love is now available in a trailer model number TLV-18EVG.--- This unit is smaller and more compact than the “big boys” but make NO mistake it is still a powerful unit. This trailer enables the user to move the unit around with much ease.



The LV-18EVG has an 18hp Twin cylinder vanguard engine.  This is a compact high-powered machine that has the ability to be mounted and adapted in many different ways (ex: skid mounting, swing away).



The LV- 14RS is fitted with a Robin Subaru engine with a displacement of 24.7 cubic inches. This unit has the ability to be mounted in 2 different ways. The unique design allows for tailgate mounting and Class III hitch mounting. Ideal for smaller jobs.
Standard Features:
- The unit is equipped with an adjustable hose boom which aids in reducing user fatigue.